• Welcome to Liber

    Meet Liber, the most fun and open-minded student association of Amsterdam


    No obligations, just having fun!


    Liber has no hazing or any other obligations. We distinguish ourselves by freedom, individuality and above all being able to be yourself. With around 120 members Liber is a small, cozy and open association where everyone is welcome.




    Get to know Liber


    The time has come again! Throughout February, Liber organizes all kinds of open activities and get-togethers for you to come visit us and get to know Liber. Join us at our open socials on Thursday evening or go on an adventure with us during one of the activities!




    Theme Nights

    Every week our members start their weekend on Thursday night with a get-together at our home base, in the city center at the Prinsengracht. This isn't just having drinks, you can enjoy a different theme or party nearly every week! A small selection of what you can expect: 

  • Neon Nights

    Beerpong Tournaments

    Pudding Tastings

    Halloween Parties



    We do much more than just get-togethers at Liber, anyone can join committees and organize activities! All fun or crazy ideas are welcome and are always supported by at least few other members. Join us and have a blast at our shameless playback shows, bad-movie nights, dropshot dinners, and slide races at the pool. Some more examples: 

  • Rollerblade Raves

    Exotic Excursions

    Graffiti Challenges

    Sporty Activities


    Trips & Holidays

    In addition to our weekly get-togethers and activities, Liber also organizes a lot of trips and holidays! Throughout the year, our members are treated to weekend getaways at exotic locations in the Netherlands, incredible hitchhiking competitions and exciting expeditions to Eastern Europe. We also have a lot of sister associations all over the country you can visit for even more parties and weekend getaways!

  • Weekend Getaways

    Campfire Hangouts

    Hitchhiking Trips

    Summer Holidays


    Visit Liber


    Would you like to visit us? Every year we have two introductory months in September and February. During these months you can join us at our weekly get-togethers and other activities, and sign up as a new member. Both of these periods end with an introductory weekend getaway (free lodging for new members!) where you can have fun and get to know the association and its members. 


    Would you like to become a member? You can fill out our sign-up form, it only takes a few minutes!


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